About Me

I am based in London and have recently graduated from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, with an MA in photojournalism and documentary photography. My practice as a photographer is predominantly on personal projects which involve travelling and collaborating with local people to produce a visual narrative which culminates into an aesthetically captivating and stimulating story.  I enjoy making images that communicate and show visual spontaneity and evoke a depth of feeling.  My images reflect my own passion for the discovery of distant cultures, places and people.

My inspiration comes from capturing human stories and emotions; watching and absorbing everyday activity and capturing that one moment when you connect with the essence of an individual to convey spontaneous human emotion. My images are stimulated by an emotional response which can be stirred by something as simple as a colour, shape or texture, or even an instinctive connection with the person in the picture.  My motivation is to make images that resonate and communicate, I see life as a stage with an endless supply of diverse personalities that reflect the dramas and tribulations of daily life.